Flexible Spending Accounts(FSA)

An FSA is a benefit provided by your employer that allows youto contribute a chosen amount of your gross income to a designated account or accounts before taxes are calculated. These accounts are for unreimbursed medical expenses not covered by your insurance. With an FSA you can be reimbursed throughout the plan yearas you incur the expenses.

Most medical expenditures not reimbursed byan insurance plan or any other source, such as copayments, vision care, dental costs, and routine physicals, are qualified medical expenses under an FSA Plan. These expenses may be either for you or for your dependents. Cosmetic surgery procedures and some other health-related expenses do not qualify.

Q: How do I check the balance of my medical FSA?
A: With the Benny Card, you will have online access 24 hours a day to verify expenses and check your current balance remaining in your account. You may also contact our customer service department during business hours if you prefer.

Q: Can I switch dollars between my DCA and FSA accounts?
A: No. The dollars must be used in each account as specified on the election form.

Q: What happens if I don’t incur enough expenses to get back the money deposited into my reimbursement account?
A: Any expense dollars not used for expenses are forfeited. This is what is known as the “use it or lose it” provision of Section 125. It is very important to be conservative in estimating your expenses for the plan year.

Benny Card

Upon enrolling in the FSA program, you may be issued a Benny Prepaid Benefits Card. The Card contains the value of your annual health care FSA election amount, so you can use Benny to pay foreligible medical expenses such as:
• Covered prescription copayments and deductibles
• Health plan deductibles and coinsurance
• Doctor and emergency room copayments
• Orthodontics
• LASIK surgery and eyeglasses
• Coinsurance
• Out-of-pocket dentist or other provider fees
• Patient due balances
• Mail service and online prescriptions co-pays and deductibles

Using the Card helps you keep cash in your wallet. You’ll have no claim forms to complete and you won’t have towait to get a check in the mail. You can check balances or account details anytime – online or with a quick phone call.

Simply swipe your Card, and the amount of your eligible expense will be automatically deducted from your account. If you use the Card at participating pharmacies, discount stores, department stores, and supermarkets, in most cases, you won’t be asked to submit receipts for those purchases. While purchases made at many vendors will not require the submission of receipts, it is important to save all receipts for FSA purchases made with the Card.These receipts may be necessary to verify you’re your expenses comply with IRS guidelines.